½ Day or Full Day Instruction

Educators will receive an overview of emerging 21st century technologies. The workshops include an introduction to 21st century learning, overview of technology functions, and application strategies. Each workshop is an opportunity to collaborate with other educators, learn new tips and tricks, and create a 21st century lesson for your classroom!

Technology Integration Camps

2 or 3 Full Day Instruction

EMG Learning Camps are a great opportunity to bring your staff together for a team building and learning experience. The camps include an in-depth look at how 21st century skills and technology impact our classrooms. All workshops are hands-on and include face-to-face support from our EMG Learning coaches.

Blended Learning Programs

Collaborative Online Learning Community

This professional learning model uses a blend of face-to-face and online curriculum to connect teams of educators from across the district and grows those connections over the course of a school year. EMG Learning fellows join the best features of in-class teaching with the best features of online learning.


Create a 21st Century Classroom

Find out how to transform your classroom and receive one-to-one coaching, integration, and real-world application. Call EMG today to discuss your specific needs.